Course description: WebSphere MQ Application Programming (AIX)
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Course Code UNQ02 Skill Level Intermediate
Duration 3 days Delivery Type Classroom (Hands-on Lab)
Course Type Public or Private on-site    
Public Price USD $1,260
Special Note
Learn the basic skills of designing and writing business programs that issue calls to the WebSphere MQ Message Queue Interface (MQI). The course is taught on AIX and provides a choice of COBOL or C. Prepare for WebSphere MQ certifications

This course is also available as:

  • WebSphere MQ Application Programming (z/OS)
  • WebSphere MQ Application Programming (Sun Solaris)
  • WebSphere MQ Application Programming I (Windows)
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Experienced business application programmers who develop programs using the messaging and queueing techniques provided by the WebSphere MQ products.
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Skills Taught
  • Describe and use the MQI
  • Design and write programs to use the MQI as implemented on the chosen platform
  • Explain the differences in program design necessitated by the messaging and queueing paradigm
  • Describe, in detail, the different MQI calls
  • Explain the differences in the MQI across the different WebSphere MQ platforms
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Course outline
  • Major calls (housekeeping)
  • Major calls (messaging and queueing)
  • Remote queueing
  • Manipulating message delivery
  • Minor calls (syncpoint control calls)
  • Minor calls (MQINQ and MQSET calls)
  • Message groups, segmentation, and reference messages
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You should complete:
  • Technical Introduction to WebSphere MQ  

or have basic understanding of the concepts of the messaging and queuing model and how the model is implemented in WebSphere MQ. You should also have experience in designing business application programs and in writing programs in one of the procedural programming languages supported by the WebSphere MQ.

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