Windows NT & 2000 Consulting Offering

If you feel that YOU and your company can benefit from expert help in planning and implementation assistance in your transition to Windows 2000, then

Consider Professional Services offered by UNICOMP.

Even most experienced IT professionals can benefit from expert help when they are faced with aggressive schedules or complex user environment. UNICOMP professionals can guide you through the initial phases of planning and estimating the effort required to complete specific project, or assume the lead role from beginning to end. The list of our services includes:

Windows 2000 Planning Service

Database Implementation and Migration Services

Microsoft Active Directory Implementation Service

Software Development Services

Skill Transfer and Project Management

Clients, who have used our services, were able to complete their projects much sooner, while gaining additional experience through on-the-job skill transfer, which accelerated their learning curve.

Duration: 5 to 10 days max. recommended for initial engagements, which could be extended based on your needs.

For additional information call Alex Petrenko at (408) 291-0106 or e-mail