Course description: Basics of z/OS RACF Administration
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Course Code UN191 Skill Level Basic
Duration 4.5 days Delivery Type Classroom (Hands-on Lab)
Course Type Public or Private on-site IACET Credits  
Public Price USD $2,745
Special Note
Learn how to administer the z/OS Security Server Resource Access Control Facility (RACF). Get an introduction to the z/OS environment, Time Sharing Option (TSO) and Interactive System Productivity Facility / Program Development Facility (ISPF/PDF), batch processing, and z/OS data sets. Gain experience with z/OS by viewing, and allocating datasets, submitting a batch job, and viewing job output. Learn how to use basic RACF command parameters, and panels, to define users and groups, protect general resources, z/OS data sets, and choose a basic set of RACF options.

Hands-On Labs

Nine labs are included to address logging on to the z/OS system, working with z/OS data sets, submitting batch jobs to z/OS, using System Display and Search Facility (SDSF) to view jobs in the system, defining a RACF group structure, RACF user administration, delegating security administration, protecting z/OS data sets, and using RACF for TSO administration.

Hands-on lab projects may be done in teams depending on the number of attendees and location.
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This is a basic course for individuals who are new to z/OS and the z/OS Security Server RACF and who administration security using the RACF element of the z/OS Security Server.
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Skills Taught
  • Understand the basic features and concepts of zSeries architecture and of the z/OS operating system as they relate to security administration
  • Describe the allocation process for data sets in the z/OS environment
  • Understand how programs access data sets and how RACF security interacts in that process
  • Identify the security requirements of an z/OS system
  • Use basic facilities and features of RACF
  • Define new users and groups to RACF
  • Use RACF to protect z/OS data sets and general resources
  • Select a base set of options to tailor RACF
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Course outline
Review of z/Architecture and z/OS

An introduction to ISPF and ISPF/PDF

An introduction to data sets

Batch processing

Security and RACF overview

Administering groups and users

Protecting z/OS data sets

Introduction to general resources

RACF options

Other administrative facilities and features

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