Course description: Exploiting the Advanced Features of RACF
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Course Code UN885 Skill Level Intermediate
Duration 3.5 days Delivery Type Classroom (Hands-on Lab)
Course Type Public or Private on-site IACET Credits 2.8
Public Price USD $2,975
Special Note
Are you already familiar with basic to intermediate Resource Access Control Facility (RACF) concepts and need to know more? Attend this course to learn how to implement advanced facilities of the RACF component of the z/OS Security Server. You will benefit from this course if your installation uses or needs to implement any of the following: RACF Remote Sharing Facility (RRSF), security with z/OS UNIX Systems Services, DB2 security with RACF, RACF in a basic or parallel Sysplex, Network Job Entry (NJE) security controls, security for z/OS operator commands, program control, and backup and recovery of the RACF data base. Classroom lecture is reinforced with hands-on lab exercises which will help you select and implement those functions appropriate for your installation.

Hands-On Labs

Nine labs are included to address the RACF Remote Sharing Facility, operator commands, and security with z/OS UNIX.
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This is an intermediate course for Security and RACF support individuals who implement or administer RACF.
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Skills Taught
  • Configure RACF RRSF to synchronize passwords for users with multiple user ids
  • Establish a RRSF environment to keep multiple RACF data bases synchronized
  • Implement security for z/OS UNIX Systems Services
  • Effectively apply advanced techniques to implement RACF program control
  • Develop a plan to backup and recover the RACF database
  • Describe the security issues with Network Job Entry (NJE)
  • Explore the security available for z/OS operator commands
  • Understand how RACF can be used to replace native DB2 security
  • Set up RACF to use the coupling facility in a Parallel Sysplex
  • Implement Sysplex Communication
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Course outline
RACF Remote Sharing Facility (RRSF)
  • implement the RACF Remote Sharing Facility (RRSF) to provide benefits
  • in the areas of performance, availability, system management, and usability
  • complete four online lab exercises to set up a RRSF network, provide password synchronization, command direction, and keep multiple RACF data bases in sync

RACF Sysplex Support

  • describe the steps necessary to implement RACF Sysplex Communication and RACF Sysplex Data Sharing.

RACF security for DB2

  • explain how the External Security Module is used to call RACF for DB2 authorization requests
  • describe the RACF profiles used to control DB2 objects
  • implement DB2 Administrator and System Authorities

Command and Console Security

  • state the benefits available with the command security facilities
  • complete the online lab exercise to protect operator commands

RACF support for z/OS UNIX (UNIX System Services)

  • explain the authorization checking process for accessing a file or directory
  • understand the auditing options for z/OS UNIX System Services
  • Set up permissions for controlling access to a file or directory including Access Control Lists (ACLs)
  • develop a plan to implement security for z/OS UNIX System Services, and control advanced UNIX applications
  • complete three online lab exercises to become familiar with adding z/OS UNIX users, creating HFS data sets, setting permission bits with the OpenMVS ISPF shell and UNIX command prompt, and set Access Control Lists (ACLs)

Controlling Network Job Entry (NJE)

  • manage the receipt and transmission of jobs and SYSOUT across an NJE network

Backup and Recovery of the RACF database

  • describe possible outage scenarios and recovery strategies

Program Control

  • explain the functions that RACF program control provides and implement those necessary in your environment
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You should complete:
  • Basics of z/OS RACF Administration
  • or Effective RACF Administration

or have equivalent experience.

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