UNICOMP Skill Transfer Service

The UNICOMP Skill Transfer is a structured process integrating training and consulting services. It is offered as an extension of the classroom training process to customers who completed IBM classes at UNICOMP and are involved in the project, in which UNICOMP is contracted to support.

The objective of the UNICOMP Skill Transfer service is to raise the level of expertise of our customers during the consulting engagement. This offering was developed to minimize customers' future dependency on the outside help through building their self-sufficiency. Each Skill Transfer engagement is customized according to customer skill level and the system environment to assure that all critical areas of the project are addressed.

The methodology of the Skill Transfer is built into the delivery of the consulting service, where every step in the process is executed with explanation. By explaining the choices made during the system setup, and by pointing out, how changing conditions may effect the functional characteristics of the system, our consultant will teach the client's technician how to deal with future changes and how to resolve more complex system administration issues after we leave.

In addition, our skill transfer can include the option of training of a backup person by using the T3 method, Teaching the Teacher. The primary support person learns how to explain to his or her backup, why the system is configured the way it is and what will have to be changed when their environment or workload changes.

Our technicians follow a predefined script, which is compiled for each customer environment ahead of time, presented to management for approval at the beginning of the work and is used for Quality Assurance. All configuration and system settings are documented and compiled in a System Run Book which is left behind along with backup and restore strategies. All areas covered by the Skill Transfer are indicated for future reference and could be used to identify future training requirements.

The results of our engagement are presented in the form of a debriefing, which gives our client the opportunity to review the documentation and discuss future activity or support requirements.